Preventive concrete protection

In 2020, there were 9400 biogas plants in Germany alone, according to "". All these plants in the agricultural, waste and energy industries face the same challenge: biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion. This is about solutions to the problem.

Fresh concrete composite systems

The best protection against sulphur corrosion is a film-fresh concrete composite system. The picture below shows it realised with "Wiretarp". The best solution.


Protection of existing tanks

A prefabricated container, erected in 2013, the epoxy resin coating is no longer actually present. The concrete components were produced by machine under the best conditions, the sealing of the components with synthetic resin could practically be produced under laboratory conditions, yet the total failure.

              Schutzanstrich ist vollkommen zerstört
Such damaged containers can be easily saved by coating them with a plastic film. Of course not as elegant as the above-mentioned concreted variant, but just as effective.

Lining of tank bottoms and sealing

In order to be able to seal a reinforced concrete tank properly, the floor must of course also be coated.


Earth basins and slurry tanks

Earth basins, slurry basins, water basins, etc. Lining old slurry pits, as was common in the LPGs (Agricultural Production Cooperative), is also one of our fields of work.